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Re: install/56582: port-atari freeze on installation when extracting base.tgz

I'm unable to break into the kernel debugger using ALT+LSHIFT+F9 after
booting the 9.2 kernel / sysinst.  This is while sysinst is operating
normally, before the hang.  So there is probably a different key
sequence I need to use to get into the kernel debugger on the Atari.
I'll do a bit of research to see if I can figure that out.

It's also worth pointing out Izumi Tsutsui's tweet here, describing
what was observed during a 9.0 RC1 install:
there were two problems. - "qqq.." is only visible issue. NetBSD/atari
ite console doesn't support ruled lines but sysinst assumes full
terminfo (smacs,rmacs,acsc). - sysinst on atari omits "progress bar"
support due to size restriction. The installation goes background.

Izumi's install was apparently successful, though it was an upgrade
and not a clean install.
So it sounds like the hang that I'm seeing on my 9.2 install may be
entirely unrelated to the text display issues / missing progress bar.


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