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Small diff for what(1)


The man page for what(1) describes it as conforming to "X/Open
Portability Guide Issue 4, Version 2" however it does not.
NetBSD's what doesn't include the : (colon) after the filename, while
that is mandated for conformance.
The short diff I have attached fixes this.
SHA512 (whatcdiff) =
The original file in this diff is the one in NetBSD 9.2's source.
Also, the STANDARDS section of the man page could probably be updated
to reference a more recent version of the standards.  OpenBSD's man
page for what has reasonable wording for this: "The what utility is
compliant with the X/Open System Interfaces option of the IEEE Std
1003.1-2008 (“POSIX.1”) specification."

Alternatively, if standards-compliance is not desired, only a small
diff for the man page would be needed.

Thank you for reading my diff.

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