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port-sh3/56382: Kernel crash by calling through null pointer

>Number:         56382
>Category:       port-sh3
>Synopsis:       Kernel crash by calling through null pointer
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       critical
>Priority:       high
>Responsible:    port-sh3-maintainer
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Mon Aug 30 02:20:00 +0000 2021
>Originator:     Rin Okuyama
>Release:        9.99.88
Department of Physics, Meiji University
NetBSD hdlu 9.99.88 NetBSD 9.99.88 (GENERIC) #2: Thu Aug 26 20:34:10 JST 2021  rin@latipes:/sys/arch/landisk/compile/GENERIC landisk
Sometimes kernel crashes at 0x0 (both on HDL-U and USL-5P):

kernel mode trap: address error (load) code = 0x0
Stopped in pid 22998.22998 (sh) at      0:      ????
db> bt
calling through null pointer?
pmap_page_protect() at 8fe55e00
symbol not found
db> show reg
r0          e
r1          deaddead
r2          ffffffe9
r3          0
r4          75801000
r5          75801000
r6          8eea3000
r7          1
r8          8ebfe960
r9          8c687748
r10         75801000
r11         0
r12         8c00ad2c    __pmap_pte_lookup
r13         8c00ad70    pmap_remove
r14         c2f2de38
r15         c2f2de38
pr          8c00b078    pmap_page_protect+0x94
pc          0
sr          400001c0
mach        515
macl        54359fbd
0:      ????

It seems that the jump to NULL occurs when __pmap_pte_lookup() is called
from pmap_remove():

8c00ad70 <pmap_remove>:
8c00ad70:       86 2f           mov.l   r8,@-r15
8c00ad72:       96 2f           mov.l   r9,@-r15
8c00ad74:       a6 2f           mov.l   r10,@-r15
8c00ad76:       b6 2f           mov.l   r11,@-r15
8c00ad78:       c6 2f           mov.l   r12,@-r15
8c00ad7a:       d6 2f           mov.l   r13,@-r15
8c00ad7c:       e6 2f           mov.l   r14,@-r15
8c00ad7e:       22 4f           sts.l   pr,@-r15
8c00ad80:       f8 7f           add     #-8,r15
8c00ad82:       f3 6e           mov     r15,r14
8c00ad84:       61 1e           mov.l   r6,@(4,r14)
8c00ad86:       43 69           mov     r4,r9
8c00ad88:       53 68           mov     r5,r8
8c00ad8a:       e1 51           mov.l   @(4,r14),r1
8c00ad8c:       12 38           cmp/hs  r1,r8
8c00ad8e:       0b 8f           bf.s    8c00ada8 <pmap_remove+0x38>
8c00ad90:       83 65           mov     r8,r5
8c00ad92:       08 7e           add     #8,r14
8c00ad94:       e3 6f           mov     r14,r15
8c00ad96:       26 4f           lds.l   @r15+,pr
8c00ad98:       f6 6e           mov.l   @r15+,r14
8c00ad9a:       f6 6d           mov.l   @r15+,r13
8c00ad9c:       f6 6c           mov.l   @r15+,r12
8c00ad9e:       f6 6b           mov.l   @r15+,r11
8c00ada0:       f6 6a           mov.l   @r15+,r10
8c00ada2:       f6 69           mov.l   @r15+,r9
8c00ada4:       0b 00           rts
8c00ada6:       f6 68           mov.l   @r15+,r8
8c00ada8:       28 d1           mov.l   8c00ae4c <pmap_remove+0xdc>,r1  ! 8c00ad
2c <__pmap_pte_lookup>
8c00adaa:       0b 41           jsr     @r1

But I'm not sure whether it is possible or not...

Also, there's magic number in r1: 0xdeaddead. This may be PI_MAGIC in
subr_pool.c (DIAGNOSTIC is enabled for this kernel), or come from
somewhere else...
Make pkgsrc's for few hours to one day on landisk.
No idea...

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