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Re: port-hppa/56118: sporadic app crashes in HPPA -current

On 20/04/2021 17:35, wrote:

Thread 1 "" received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x00035228 in __canonicalize_funcptr_for_compare ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x00035228 in __canonicalize_funcptr_for_compare ()
#1  0x00013650 in mdoc_parse_Sh (n=<optimized out>, rec=0xb0001708) at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/usr.sbin/makemandb/makemandb.c:1082
#2  0x00013670 in mdoc_parse_Sh (n=<optimized out>, rec=0xb0001708) at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/usr.sbin/makemandb/makemandb.c:1098
#3  0x00012bac in proff_node (n=<optimized out>, rec=0xb0001708, roff=0xafe97060, func=0x38248 <mdocs>) at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/usr.sbin/makemandb/makemandb.c:1171
#4  0x00036ac8 in begin_parse (fd=4, rec=0xb0001708, mp=0xafe9a000, file=0xaf952bb0 "/usr/share/man/man9lua/systm.9lua") at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/usr.sbin/makemandb/makemandb.c:892
#5  update_db (rec=0xb0001708, mp=0xafe9a000, db=0xafeab208) at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/usr.sbin/makemandb/makemandb.c:825
#6  main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/usr.sbin/makemandb/makemandb.c:434
(gdb) x/4i $pc
=> 0x35228 <__canonicalize_funcptr_for_compare+48>: probei,r (r3),3,r20
    0x3522c <__canonicalize_funcptr_for_compare+52>: cmpiclr,<> 0,r20,r0
    0x35230 <__canonicalize_funcptr_for_compare+56>: b,l,n 0x3527c <__canonicalize_funcptr_for_compare+132>,r0
    0x35234 <__canonicalize_funcptr_for_compare+60>: ldw 0(r3),r20
(gdb) inf reg r3 r20
r3             0x6c696e68          1818848872#

This looks more like 'h' 'n' 'i' l' than an userland address.

It'd be good to see the assembly before to see where r3 is coming from.


Starting program: /usr/pkg/bin/bash

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x000799fc in hash_search ()
(gdb) bt
#0  0x000799fc in hash_search ()
#1  0x0004e8a0 in find_tempenv_variable ()
#2  0x000c17b4 in ?? ()
#3  0xaf12c168 in jemalloc_secure_getenv (name=0xaf1d9624 "MALLOC_CONF") at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/external/bsd/jemalloc/lib/../dist/src/jemalloc.c:744
#4  malloc_conf_init () at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/external/bsd/jemalloc/lib/../dist/src/jemalloc.c:970
#5  0xaf12d3ac in malloc_init_hard_a0_locked () at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/external/bsd/jemalloc/lib/../dist/src/jemalloc.c:1318
#6  0xaf12db20 in malloc_init_hard () at /data/home/chris/tmp/netbsd/src/external/bsd/jemalloc/lib/../dist/src/jemalloc.c:1554
#7  0xaf1cc1d0 in je_prof_thread_name_set () from /usr/lib/
#8  0xaf03fe0c in ?? () from /usr/lib/
Backtrace stopped: previous frame identical to this frame (corrupt stack?)
(gdb) x/4i $pc
=> 0x799fc <hash_search+496>:       ldw 8(r5),ret0
    0x79a00 <hash_search+500>:       cmpib,<>,n 0,ret0,0x7984c <hash_search+64>
    0x79a04 <hash_search+504>:       ldb 0(r6),r8
    0x79a08 <hash_search+508>:       b,l 0x7990c <hash_search+256>,r0
(gdb) inf reg r5
r5             0xe84f1304          3897496324

hmm, general heap corruption? I'll try locally.


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