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Re: install/56227: Install fails on 32 MB i386

The following reply was made to PR install/56227; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Martin Husemann <>
Subject: Re: install/56227: Install fails on 32 MB i386
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2021 19:59:48 +0200

 How to reproduce manually:
 dd if=/dev/zero of=32gb.img bs=1m count=1 oseek=32767
 vnconfig -c vnd0 32gb.img
 gpt create -p 128 vnd0
 gpt -n add -b 64 -s 67043200s -t 49f48d5a-b10e-11dc-b99b-0019d1879648  vnd0
 gpt -n add -b 67043264 -s 65536s -t 49f48d32-b10e-11dc-b99b-0019d1879648  vnd0
 gpt biosboot -b 64 vnd0
 dkctl vnd0 makewedges
 dkctl vnd0 listwedges
 # set swap = index of swap wedge, ffs = index of ffs wedge
 #  now this is the step only done for the 32 MB RAM case:
 	swapctl -a /dev/dk${swap}	# <-- without this it works
 /sbin/newfs -V2 -O 2  /dev/rdk${ffs}
 newfs: /dev/rdk${ffs}: open for write: Read-only file system

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