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Re: port-sun2/56158: sun2 m68000: super-block backups (for fsck -b #) at: 32,nbmakefs: Writing inode 152 (work/./bin/cat), bytes 528384 + 4096: No space left on device

On Wed, 2021-05-12 08:51:23 +1000, matthew green <> wrote:
> > Setting these made no difference: It resulted in a successful build.
> > The final variable to be obviously exported is $DESTDIR, so running
> > again with $DESTDIR set.
> is $DESTDIR extra long in the failing case?  i wonder if pathnames
> are in the binaries somewhere and that is pushing it over limit.

My manual build with $DESTDIR being set was successful as well.

The original build will probably have had

	export DESTDIR=/var/lib/laminar/run/netbsd-sun2-m68000/<nnn>/dest-m68000-m68000

with <nnn> being a one- or two-digit integer num. (Should have been
"dest-sun2-m68000", fixed in my script.)

  In my manual run (in a Docker container), I had

	export DESTDIR=/xxx/NetBSD-src/dest-foo-bar



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