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re: port-amd64/55954: bootx64.efi hangs up on boot

Aleksey Arens writes:
> Please allow me to suggest an alternate -- arguably better --
> possibility that I have in mind.  First, the bootx64.efi could
> initialize the local disks.  Then, it would look into the config file.
> If an option to disable network init is passed, then no network init
> is performed.  Otherwise, the network is initialized.  Since it's
> never the case that the boot menu is generated by performing any
> network-related actions, this approach is sound.  It would also
> conservatively preserve the old behaviour for all old configurations.
> If this approach is found to be amenable, I could make myself
> available to implement it.

this might work if it was only performed only when bootx64.efi
is loaded from a disk, vs via pxe or something.  they may not
even be local disks at all in this case.

your "never the case" claim is not quite true, but perhaps it
can be adjusted to suit.. i can't really judge whether it is
actually feasible idea in general.



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