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re: port-arm/55922: Kernel panics with nvme+gpt on Pinebook Pro

not that i have any particular insight to the crash (the images
don't show the panic message -- can you get a copy of those?
from ddb, 'dmesg' should show it all with a pager), and we
should figure out what is crashing here, but i do not recommend
using MAKE_JOBS=6 or -j6 on the PBP.

there are two serious issues:

- 3.875GiB of ram vs 6 jobs is simply not enough for many
  modern packges.  some use >1GiB each.

- the PBP battery controller setup is not the best.  it can only
  charge at 15W.  however, the SoC and devices are quite capable
  of using more than 15W, so the battery will drain, even while
  plugged into barrel or usb-c power.

i strongly recommend using no more than 3 concurrent jobs.


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