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Re: xsrc/55853: [dM] xdpyinfo sometimes loses output

The following reply was made to PR xsrc/55853; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Mouse <mouse%Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost>
Subject: Re: xsrc/55853: [dM] xdpyinfo sometimes loses output
Date: Wed, 9 Dec 2020 09:26:52 -0500 (EST)

 >  static void
 >  #ifdef __NetBSD__
 >  __attribute__ ((__destructor__))
 >  #endif
 >  XF86cleanup(int sig)  
 >  {
 >      _exit(3);
 >  }
 >  That code is usually called by an atexit() handler or by a fatal
 >  signal handler which are set up in XF86DGAGetVideo.
 Should such a function be calling _exit at all?  It will prevent other
 cleanup (such as other atexit() handlers) from running, if naught else.
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