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Re: kern/55632: tests/net/ipsec/t_ipsec_misc: timeout tests fail randomly

these tests are generally extremely slow.  the tests/net/ipsec
group itself takes about 9 minutes on a ryzen 3600 system (for
reference, the tests/net/npf group takes 2.3 seconds.)

on a sparc station 20 with 90mhz CPU, tests/net/ipsec takes
over half a day to complete.

there's something really awful here because the tests martin
disabled take a long time to be skipped:

    ipsec_spi_ah_hmacsha512_preferred_new_timeout: [47.253920s] Skipped: PR 55632: test fails randomly, leaving spurious rump_server around

there's nothing about "skipped" it self being slow eg, this is
earlier in the log:

    scalbnl_inf_neg: [0.393539s] Skipped: Requires long double support

while fixing this is less useful than fixing the global
slowness, it would go a short distance to helping..

this table shows the per-group and totals for the ipsec groups:

                                                 test    total
t_ipsec_ah_keys (520/895): 20 test cases         624s     624s
t_ipsec_esp_keys (521/895): 22 test cases        852s    1476s
t_ipsec_gif (522/895): 16 test cases            4420s    5896s
t_ipsec_l2tp (523/895): 16 test cases           4727s   10623s
t_ipsec_misc (524/895): 44 test cases           5462s   16085s
t_ipsec_natt (525/895): 4 test cases             555s   16640s
t_ipsec_sockopt (526/895): 10 test cases        1328s   17968s
t_ipsec_sysctl (527/895): 3 test cases            52s   18020s
t_ipsec_tcp (528/895): 15 test cases            1665s   19685s
t_ipsec_transport (529/895): 44 test cases      5646s   25331s
t_ipsec_tunnel (530/895): 42 test cases         9739s   36759s
t_ipsec_tunnel_ipcomp (531/895): 8 test cases   1689s   35070s
t_ipsec_tunnel_odd (532/895): 42 test cases     9952s   46711s

are these tests really worth this much CPU?  can we reduce
this to at least 10% of current run time?  please?


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