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Re: kern/55663 (Support for EVFILT_USER in kqueue(2))

Thanks for the clarification, John! I just wanted to make sure that there is some interest before we proceed. (This is why I also clarified motivation for that option.)

Just to be clear, I am not super familiar with this code, and as I previously mentioned, I just ported those changes from OpenBSD/FreeBSD so that I can use EVFILT_USER when compiling programs. That particular piece of code in kqueue looked very similar to that of NetBSD, i.e., that was not super hard to port it. So my knowledge may not necessarily be complete. (For example, I cannot really say why f_touch is used since it was in OpenBSD/FreeBSD code.) However, there are some specific changes for NetBSD which I made due some differences with OpenBSD/FreeBSD, I will recollect and post it here.

Does it sound good?

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