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Re: kern/55663 (Support for EVFILT_USER in kqueue(2))

On Oct 28, 13:43, Kamil Rytarowski wrote:
} On 28.10.2020 09:40, Ruslan Nikolaev wrote:
} > From: Ruslan Nikolaev <>
} > Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2020 04:37:20 -0400
} > 
} >  So, just wanted to check -- is there any interest in this option? Is 
} >  there any other information needed from me?

     Multiple people have expressed interest.  On Sept. 24th, Martin
asked you to explain the changes.  On Sept. 25th and Oct. 12th you
said you would do this.  On Oct. 20th you talked about why you
wanted the change and posted a snippet from the FreeBSD manpage.
I think everybody is in agreement about it being needed by a number
of major packages.

     I'm guessing that English isn't your first language, so there
may be a misunderstanding.  What was being requested is an explanation
of the code.  In a previous message, I had asked about the f_touch
part.  In particular, what we are wanting to know, is if this can
be implemented without having to modify so many parts of the code?
The flip side is that maybe we should just update our code to look
like FreeBSD's as much as possible.

} There is rather an agreement that we would want to see it implemented
} inside libc, similar to CTL_USER for sysctl(3).

     I do not believe there is any such agreement (I certainly am
not in agreement).  Also, to this point, only person has publically
commented that they don't like the idea of this change.

}-- End of excerpt from Kamil Rytarowski

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