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Re: kern/55687: Slowed down/noisy recording with audio(4) (probably incorrect sample rate)

On Thu, 1 Oct 2020, Tetsuya Isaki wrote:

But since there are two recording sources on mixerctl, hdafg
actually transferred four channels 48kHz of data during recording.
Although I don't know that what benefit or functionality does
multiple record source selection have, at least hdafg should be
fixed not to transfer unreported (and not agreed each other)
format data.

I'm not sure but... should hdafg (or mixerctl?) be able to select
only one record source at the same time?

For > 2 channel operation, an HD audio association includes more than one DAC or ADC (each DAC or ADC widget can handle 1 or 2 channels). So being able to select more than one record source is required.


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