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Re: install/55662: sysinst core dump when installing on Dell R610

Hi Martin,

I'm not surprised it works inside a VM, I guess it has to do with the firmware of the machine.
If it were possible to create an USB installation image with added traces in the kernel/drivers/sysinst, I could repeat the installation and provide you with more useful information.
Or let me know if I can do anything else to help.


On 22/09/2020 20:10, Martin Husemann wrote:
The following reply was made to PR install/55662; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Martin Husemann <>
Subject: Re: install/55662: sysinst core dump when installing on Dell R610
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 2020 20:08:34 +0200

 I fail to reproduce this.
 Starting with:
 # gpt show vnd0
        start        size  index  contents
            0           1         PMBR
            1           1         Pri GPT header
            2          32         Pri GPT table
           34  1136641981         Unused
   1136642015          32         Sec GPT table
   1136642047           1         Sec GPT header
 and then:
  You can now change the sizes for the system partitions.  The default is to
  allocate all the space to the root file system.  However, you may wish to
  have separate /usr (additional system files), /var (log files etc) or /home
  (users' home directories) file systems.
  Free space will be added to the partition marked with a '+'.
        Size (MB)                             Filesystem
        ----------------------------------- - --------------------
     a: 128                                   (Other: MSDOS)
     b: 65674 (79852)                       + /
     c: 2048                                  <swap>
     d: 25%                                   /tmp (tmpfs)
     e: 0                                     /usr
     f: 0                                     /var
    >g: 472972                                /data0
        ----------------------------------- - --------------------
     i: Add a user defined partition
     j: Clone external partition(s)
     k: Change input units (sectors/cylinders/MB/GB)
     x: Go on.  Free space 14178 MB.
 Going on I get:
  We now have your GPT partitions for vnd0 below.  This is your last chance to
  change them. 
  Flags: (I)nstall, (N)ewfs, (B)ootable.  Total size: 542G, free: 3089K
       Start (MB)     End (MB)    Size (MB)  FS type Flag Filesystem
     ------------ ------------ ------------ -------- ---- ----------------
  a:            1          128          128    MSDOS N
  b:          130        79981        79852    FFSv2 N    /
  c:        79983        82030         2048     swap
  d:        82032       554999       472968    FFSv2 N    /data0
     ------------ ------------ ------------ -------- ---- ----------------
  f: Change input units (sectors/cylinders/MB/GB)
  g: Clone external partition(s)
  h: Cancel
 >x: Partition sizes ok
 Selecting ok it creates all partitions and runs multiple newfs and then
 I have:
 Filesystem      1K-blocks         Used        Avail %Cap Mounted on
 /dev/dk7         79274118           24     75310390   0% /targetroot
 /dev/dk8        476827456            4    452986080   0% /targetroot/data0
 /dev/dk9           130924          464       130460   0% /targetroot/mnt
 This is with -current/HEAD, but I tried netbsd-9 and get the same results
 in my test setup. What am I doing differently?

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