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Re: kern/51734 (hdaudio errors on boot)

I’m sorry, I forgot to put people in Cc, as stated in the documentation.  :-(

I’ll send my answer to the report again:

I’m also facing this problem.
As Nia said it's since the 9.0-RELEASE.
I also faced this on 9.0-STABLE (my current setup) and -CURRENT.

Sometimes this error appears along hdafg0: invalid child range.
As Nia, previously stated, they appear mostly on reboot.

Here the link from pastebin with my dmesg:

NetBSD 8 worked just fine in my experience. I never faced such issues. I also tried to stress my installation by rebooting it as soon as the system went up, but everything always went fine.

Thank you,
Luca De Pandis

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