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Re: port-macppc/55340: kernel hang during rump test run + ddb failure


Could you try the patch attached in port-powerpc/55325:

With this patch, kernel does not hung for my Mac mini (uniprocessor):

| Tests root: /usr/tests/rump/rumpkern
| t_sp (1/1): 10 test cases
|     basic: [1.030238s] Passed.
|     fork_fakeauth: [0.528322s] Passed.
|     fork_pipecomm: [0.530721s] Passed.
|     fork_simple: [0.545351s] Passed.
|     reconnect: [3.729749s] Passed.
|     signal: [0.952547s] Passed.
|     sigsafe: [6.074471s] Passed.
|     stress_killer: [323.604229s] Passed.
|     stress_long: [604.847985s] Failed: Test case timed out after 300 seconds
|     stress_short: [603.281914s] Failed: Test case timed out after 300 seconds
| [1545.160124s]
| Failed test cases:
|     t_sp:stress_long, t_sp:stress_short
| Summary for 1 test programs:
|     8 passed test cases.
|     2 failed test cases.
|     0 expected failed test cases.
|     0 skipped test cases.

Or, DIAGNOSTIC may help you. (Unfortunately, DIAGNOSTIC is disabled for
macppc for a very long time.) If your machine has gem(4), a dirty hack
described in port-macppc/55326:

is necessary in order to enable DIAGNOSTIC.


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