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port-arm/55239: _atomic_cas_8_mp broken on evbarm (armv5)

>Number:         55239
>Category:       port-arm
>Synopsis:       _atomic_cas_8_mp broken on evbarm (armv5)
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       serious
>Priority:       high
>Responsible:    port-arm-maintainer
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   net
>Arrival-Date:   Wed May 06 10:25:00 +0000 2020
>Originator:     Martin Husemann
>Release:        NetBSD 9.99.60
The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
System: NetBSD 9.99.60 NetBSD 9.99.60 (UNPLUGED) #319: Tue May 5 19:56:53 CEST 2020 evbarm
Architecture: earm
Machine: evbarm

_atomic_cas_8_mp is miscompiled on evbarm. This make two test cases

cd /usr/tests/lib/libc/atomic && atf-run | atf-report
Failed test cases:

Summary for 15 test programs:
    95 passed test cases.
    2 failed test cases.
    0 expected failed test cases.
    0 skipped test cases.

Excerpts from a debug session with the test case:

0xbbdb68d8 in _atomic_cas_8_mp (ptr=0xbfffe777 "\210", old=136 '\210', 
    new=240 '\360')
    at /work/src/lib/libc/../../common/lib/libc/atomic/atomic_init_testset.c:234
234     in /work/src/lib/libc/../../common/lib/libc/atomic/atomic_init_testset.c
0xbbdb68dc        234     in /work/src/lib/libc/../../common/lib/libc/atomic/atomic_init_testset.c
(gdb) n
235     in /work/src/lib/libc/../../common/lib/libc/atomic/atomic_init_testset.c
236     in /work/src/lib/libc/../../common/lib/libc/atomic/atomic_init_testset.c
(gdb) p ptr
$18 = (volatile uint8_t *) 0xbfffe777 "\210"
(gdb) p *ptr
$19 = 136 '\210'
(gdb) n
237     in /work/src/lib/libc/../../common/lib/libc/atomic/atomic_init_testset.c
240     in /work/src/lib/libc/../../common/lib/libc/atomic/atomic_init_testset.c
(gdb) p old
$20 = 136 '\210'
(gdb) p ret
$21 = 136 '\210'

note that old == ret so the if (__predict_true(ret == old)) should have
been take and in line 238 the *ptr value been modified. Alas:

242     in /work/src/lib/libc/../../common/lib/libc/atomic/atomic_init_testset.c
failed: /work/src/tests/lib/libc/atomic/t___sync_compare_and_swap.c:133: successful case: val expects 0xf0 but 0x88
[Inferior 1 (process 29651) exited with code 01]


   0xbbdb68d0 <_atomic_cas_8_mp>:   push    {r4, r5, lr}
   0xbbdb68d4 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+4>: mov     lr, #1
   0xbbdb68d8 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+8>: 
    ldr       r3, [pc, #76]   ; 0xbbdb692c <_atomic_cas_8_mp+92>
   0xbbdb68dc <_atomic_cas_8_mp+12>:        lsr     r12, r0, #3
   0xbbdb68e0 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+16>:        add     r3, pc, r3
   0xbbdb68e4 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+20>:        and     r12, r12, #127  ; 0x7f
   0xbbdb68e8 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+24>:        add     r3, r3, r12, lsl #2
   0xbbdb68ec <_atomic_cas_8_mp+28>:        swp     r4, lr, [r3]
   0xbbdb68f0 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+32>:        
    b 0xbbdb68fc <_atomic_cas_8_mp+44>
   0xbbdb68f4 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+36>:        cmp     r5, #0
   0xbbdb68f8 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+40>:        
    bne       0xbbdb68ec <_atomic_cas_8_mp+28>
   0xbbdb68fc <_atomic_cas_8_mp+44>:        cmp     r4, #0
   0xbbdb6900 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+48>:        
    bne       0xbbdb68ec <_atomic_cas_8_mp+28>
   0xbbdb6904 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+52>:        ldrb    r3, [r0]
   0xbbdb6908 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+56>:        and     r3, r3, #255    ; 0xff
   0xbbdb690c <_atomic_cas_8_mp+60>:        cmp     r3, r1
   0xbbdb6910 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+64>:        mov     r1, #0
   0xbbdb6914 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+68>:        strbeq  r2, [r0]
   0xbbdb6918 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+72>:        
    ldr       r2, [pc, #16]   ; 0xbbdb6930 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+96>
   0xbbdb691c <_atomic_cas_8_mp+76>:        mov     r0, r3
   0xbbdb6920 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+80>:        add     r2, pc, r2
   0xbbdb6924 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+84>:        str     r1, [r2, r12, lsl #2]
   0xbbdb6928 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+88>:        pop     {r4, r5, pc}
   0xbbdb692c <_atomic_cas_8_mp+92>:        andeq   r4, sp, r0, lsl r2
   0xbbdb6930 <_atomic_cas_8_mp+96>:        ldrdeq  r4, [sp], -r0

see above


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