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Re: lib/54527 (syslogd hangs when forwarding logs to a IPv6 host that is down)

On Tuesday 21 Apr 2020, at 19:50, wrote:
>  I'm not sure, should the word 'client' be removed from the warning to
>  avoid confusion if it's used for sending?

I think (IIRC) that what I was trying to say is that the messages are
a bit noisy.

When the host to which the sylog messages are forwarded is down, I get
every 5s or so messages like this:
Oct 31 11:47:21 cactus syslogd[2053]: recvfrom inet: Host is down
Oct 31 11:47:21 cactus syslogd: warning: can't get client address: Host is down

(I ended up disabling the forwarding in syslog.conf to avoid this pollution).

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