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re: kern/55189: NVMe SSD reports unsafe shutdowns

>  matthew green wrote:
>  >  we don't do this for wd(4) as well, on some of my systems
>  >  atactl can report eg:
>  >  
>  >  174 100    0     no  online  positive    Unexpected Power Loss Count 27
>  >  
>  >  that goes up when i have an otherwise successful "poweroff".
>  That could also be PR 54969, which was just fixed in -current.  What
>  version are those systems running?

ah, none of the are -current, but the problem i saw has
been around for a long time (netbsd-6 at least?) so i'm
not sure it was broken by the same change, or perhaps
fixed by the same fixed.

it may be -- looking at a test machine, i see that wd0
does not detach at reboot, and simple reboot didn't make
that count go up (but i'm not near the machine with a
long history of this...)

i'll try to setup a test for this.


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