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This bug reply: Re[2]: kern/55179: ipfilter ip_state.c's problem

For anyone wondering what happened in this reply:

- GNATS can't recognize the response as a reply because it starts with
  a UTF-8 charset encoding and is base64 (=?UTF-8?B?...)

  First I edited the subject line to be not-base64 and bounced it to

- The text is base64-MIME, which GNATS also can't parse and also mangles,
  so I swapped it for the plaintext extracted by my mail client.

- GNATS can't handle non-ASCII whitespace, so I had to iconv and swap
  it out for ASCII equivalents.

Conclusion: GNATS bad, and non-ASCII spaces are a quick way to make it
fail.  It would be nice if at least the web server didn't force
non-UTF-8, but not the real concern because we mangle the mail even

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