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Re: port-sparc64/55173: NetBSD-9.0/sparc64 blackscreens on bootup from CDROM on Sun Ultra 5

Hi all,

> I have a Sun Ultra 5 with a UltraSparc II+ 360MHz and 256MB of RAM.
> I burn the ISO to a CD, put it in the machine and at the openboot prompt I run 'boot cdrom'. The bootcode loads up and some kernel messages can be seen.
> At one point though, when the "" is printed on console, the screen goes black, with all monitors tested reporting no signal, the keyboard stops working (status lights dont work, Stop-a doesnt work) and I can hear no seeking noises from the CD drive. I know it works because I used it to install Solaris multiple times and it always worked. The serial console doesn't print anything when the screen goes down. I have a friend with similar specs (512MB of RAM instead of 256, everything else is the same. even the HDD model) which has had the same exact problem.

We netbooted a custom netbsd-9 kernel, with updated machfb from current:

and this fixes the problem.



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