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Re: kern/55025: COMPAT_09 Syscall Failures on NetBSD 9.0 i386 (Change from 8.0)

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 9:27 PM Dan Plassche <> wrote:
> Note: I will follow-up to send a separate PR to document the situation
> I mentioned earlier where older 386BSD, NetBSD 0.8, and BSD/OS
> (BSD/386) Q/ZMagic binaries that are under COMPAT_NOMID no longer
> execute (exec format error) since NetBSD 8.0.  That's a separate
> matter.

I found the resolution to the exec format error and confirmed that
these q and zmagic binaries work following the COMPAT_43 syscall fix
on 9.0 (i386).

The binaries execute if you set "sysctl -w vm.user_va0_disable=0" on
release 7, 8, and 9.

On NetBSD 9 you also need to build a custom kernel with "options
COMPAT_NOMID" (was included in GENERIC on 7 and 8) and the pullup from
this PR for the binaries to run properly.

BSD/386 (BSD/OS) 1.0 binaries had worked on 7 without the memory
protection disabled.

Just wanted to document that this was working as a final follow-up on
my earlier report.



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