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Re: kern/54976: radeon framebuffer fails initialization in NetBSD-9

On Fri, Feb 21, 2020 at 12:15:02AM +0000, matthew green wrote:
>  interesting.  we have a weird problem to deal with then,
>  and i'm not sure of the solution.  (it's related to having
>  two files with the same case-insensitive name.)
>  try installing this file, without the patch:
>  which is the expected file.  you can find *all* these files
>  in the linux-firmware package from, if there are
>  other files that are missing..

I tried that one, but I still got the "mixing old and new" message.  I
tried also downloading the firmware from and I replaced the
entire "radeon" directory.  This boots with the original kernel.

Roy Bixler <>
"The fundamental principle of science, the definition almost, is this: the
sole test of the validity of any idea is experiment."
-- Richard P. Feynman

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