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Re: port-sparc/54845: sparc panics in sleepq_remove

The following reply was made to PR port-sparc/54845; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Andrew Doran <>
Subject: Re: port-sparc/54845: sparc panics in sleepq_remove
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2020 15:11:26 +0000

 > The last few sparc test runs on the TNF testbed have paniced with:
 >   panic: TAILQ_PREREMOVE head 0xf0002008 elm 0xf074c040 /tmp/bracket/build/2020.
 > For example:
 I recall seeing a very similar PR from you a month or two ago, on sparc.  It
 looks like something has corrupted the xcall condition variable at the top
 of struct cpu_data/cpu_info.  Another assembly wrap around problem perhaps?
 [ 4836.8778090] panic: TAILQ_PREREMOVE head 0xf0002008 elm 0xf074c040 /tmp/bracket/build/2020.
 [ 4836.8778090] cpu0: Begin traceback...
 [ 4836.8778090] 0x0(0xf04542d0, 0xf53e0c10, 0xf0552000, 0xf0552c00, 0x104, 0xf0552c78) at netbsd:panic+0x20
 [ 4836.8778090] panic(0xf04542d0, 0xf0002008, 0xf074c040, 0xf049ca28, 0x75, 0xf052fc00) at netbsd:sleepq_remove+0x21c
 [ 4836.8778090] sleepq_remove(0xf0002008, 0xf074c040, 0xf083f3a0, 0xf049a400, 0x206, 0xf074c040) at netbsd:cv_wakeup_one+0x84
 [ 4836.8778090] cv_wakeup_one(0xf0002008, 0xf049a530, 0xf0449530, 0xf0526b3c, 0xf074c040, 0xf052fc00) at netbsd:xc_broadcast+0x1ec
 [ 4836.8778090] xc_broadcast(0x0, 0x3, 0x1, 0xf0537038, 0x0, 0xf0536380) at netbsd:xc_barrier+0x14
 [ 4836.8778090] xc_barrier(0x0, 0xf0a6a960, 0xf083f3a0, 0xf049a400, 0x20e, 0x7c) at netbsd:pool_cache_invalidate_groups+0x5c
 [ 4836.8778090] pool_cache_invalidate_groups(0xf06f86e0, 0xf0858d58, 0xf0be3220, 0xf0858d64, 0xf0a6a960, 0x0) at netbsd:pool_cache_invalidate+0xa4
 [ 4836.8778090] pool_cache_invalidate(0xf06f86e0, 0xf085aae8, 0xf083f3a0, 0xf04a2800, 0xf0858d58, 0x0) at netbsd:pool_reclaim+0x64
 [ 4836.8778090] pool_reclaim(0xf06f86e0, 0xf049a530, 0xf06f8754, 0xf0526b3c, 0xf083f3a0, 0xf0533f40) at netbsd:pool_drain+0x6c
 [ 4836.8778090] pool_drain(0xf53e0f4c, 0xf049a530, 0xf53e0f4c, 0xf0527800, 0xf0552400, 0xf06f86e0) at netbsd:uvmpd_pool_drain_thread+0xec
 [ 4836.8778090] uvmpd_pool_drain_thread(0xf054d1d0, 0xf05232a8, 0xf0536800, 0xf052dbc0, 0x0, 0x0) at netbsd:lwp_trampoline+0x8
 [ 4836.8778090] cpu0: End traceback...

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