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Re: install/53574 (UEFI installer not working past 1st menu on iMac 7,1)

The following reply was made to PR install/53574; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Dario Niedermann <>
Subject: Re: install/53574 (UEFI installer not working past 1st menu on iMac
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2019 19:10:12 +0100

 OK, here are the (disappointing) test results for image
 -9.0_RC1-amd64-uefi-install.img.gz>, uncompressed, dd'ed to a USB stick,
 and used to boot the above mentioned iMac:
 1. a small square-ish borderless window in the center of the black
    screen (same as my first report) is briefly filled with light-grey
    hexadecimal numbers; I catch a glimpse of "mem" at window's top
    left, before the numbers; all in standard, although small, VGA font;
 2. quickly, the window is cleared and the boot menu appears, same
    font, size and appearance. The menu has only 2 options:
    1 Install NetBSD, 2 Drop to boot prompt;
 3. choosing either option 1, or option 2 and giving 'boot -c': a number
    is printed, followed by a flickering underline cursor; after about 25
    seconds, 5 more numbers are printed and I catch a quick glimpse of a
    6th hex number preceded by an equal sign;
 4. the window is cleared and the non-blinking underline cursor is
    now at the window's top left; if I chose option 2 and gave 'boot -c',
    go to step #6;
 5. soon after, the keyboard leds flash briefly: on then off; the
    screen's backlight is turned off, then on, and the screen is now
    fully white for less than a second, then backlit black again; a
    small, non-blinking white block cursor appears at the screen's
    physical top left;
 6. nothing happens; after about 10 minutes of nothing, I either:
         6a. try the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination: no reaction;
      or 6b. yank the USB stick out: no reaction;
 7. I finally press the iMac's power button on the back:
         7a. if I chose option 1 at step #3, a short press will do: the
             white block cursor blinks once; then the iMac is off;
         7b. if I chose option 2 at step #3, and gave 'boot -c', I need
             to keep the button pressed for long in order to turn the
             iMac off.
 All in all, not much -- if anything at all -- seems to have changed
 since my first report. I probably just noted some things in more detail.

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