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Re: install/54745: Sysinst generates strange i386 partition table

The following reply was made to PR install/54745; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Andreas Gustafsson <>
To: Martin Husemann <>
Subject: Re: install/54745: Sysinst generates strange i386 partition table
Date: Sat, 7 Dec 2019 19:41:00 +0200

 Martin Husemann wrote:
 >  The a: / b: / c: are just menu labels, they do not correlate to the disklabel
 >  partition names at all (besides both being ordered by start sector).
 OK, I see that now, but I'm still confused by the absence of a swap
 partition in the list, because it was there on the pervious screen:
    You can now change the sizes for the system partitions.  The default is to
    allocate all the space to the root file system.  However, you may wish to
    have separate /usr (additional system files), /var (log files etc) or /home
    (users' home directories) file systems.
    Free space will be added to the partition marked with a '+'.
          Size (MB)                             Filesystem
          ----------------------------------- - --------------------
      >a: 596 (76166)                         + /
       b: 128                                   <swap>
       c: 0                                     /tmp (tmpfs)
       d: 0                                     /usr
       e: 0                                     /var
          ----------------------------------- - --------------------
       g: Add a user defined partition
       h: Clone external partition(s)
       i: Change input units (sectors/cylinders/MB/GB)
       x: Go on.  Free space 75570 MB.
 >  Is there anything wrong with the actual created disklabel afterwards?
 It's also missing the swap partition.  I repeated the installation
 without qemu "-snapshot" option so that the disk image was actually
 modified, and then booted the disk formerly known as wd1 with:
   qemu-system-i386 -nographic -hda hd
 The booted system has the following disklabel:
    # disklabel wd0
    # /dev/rwd0:
    type: unknown
    disk: wd
    label: fictious
    bytes/sector: 512
    sectors/track: 63
    tracks/cylinder: 16
    sectors/cylinder: 1008
    cylinders: 484521
    total sectors: 488397168
    rpm: 3600
    interleave: 1
    trackskew: 0
    cylinderskew: 0
    headswitch: 0           # microseconds
    track-to-track seek: 0  # microseconds
    drivedata: 0 
    4 partitions:
    #        size    offset     fstype [fsize bsize cpg/sgs]
     a: 155987968 156250112     4.2BSD      0     0     0  # (Cyl. 155010*- 309759)
     c: 156250112 156250112     unused      0     0        # (Cyl. 155010*- 310020*)
     d: 488397168         0     unused      0     0        # (Cyl.      0 - 484520)
 The fstab still refers to wd1, which is not surprising since I changed
 the disks around, but what is surprising is that it is swapping on the
 "d" partition (!):
    # cat /etc/fstab
    # NetBSD /etc/fstab
    # See /usr/share/examples/fstab/ for more examples.
    /dev/wd1a               /       ffs     rw               1 1
    /dev/wd1d               none    swap    sw,dp            0 0
    kernfs          /kern   kernfs  rw
    ptyfs           /dev/pts        ptyfs   rw
    procfs          /proc   procfs  rw
    /dev/cd0a               /cdrom  cd9660  ro,noauto
    tmpfs           /var/shm        tmpfs   rw,-m1777,-sram%25
 Andreas Gustafsson,

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