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Re: port-macppc/54331: macppc MP kernels fail to boot successfully in -current (8.99.49)

The following reply was made to PR port-macppc/54331; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: "David H. Gutteridge" <>
To:, matthew green <>
Subject: Re: port-macppc/54331: macppc MP kernels fail to boot successfully
 in -current (8.99.49)
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2019 23:55:44 -0500

 I tried a build of 9.99.17 from earlier this week, and the situation
 has improved. It no longer hits any issues during device attachment,
 and begins running rc scripts. At that point, however, as it's bringing
 up the gem0 device, it panics there, like so:
 [   20.6900578] panic: pr_phinpage_check: [mclpl] item 0x1fb2f040 not part of pool
 [   20.6900578] cpu0: Begin traceback...
 [   20.6900578] 0x10007da0: at vpanic+0x144
 [   20.7300428] 0x10007dd0: at panic+0x50
 [   20.7300428] 0x10007e20: at pool_cache_put_paddr+0x25c
 [   20.7600388] 0x10007e50: at m_ext_free+0x130
 [   20.7600388] 0x10007e60: at m_free+0x9c
 [   20.7600388] 0x10007e70: at m_freem.part.8+0xc
 [   20.7600388] 0x10007e80: at ether_input+0x67c
 [   20.7600388] 0x10007eb0: at if_percpuq_softint+0xb4
 [   20.7600388] 0x10007ed0: at softint_dispatch+0x1d0
 [   20.7600388] 0x10007f20: at softint_fast_dispatch+0xdc
 [   20.8700561] 0x10007fe8: at 0xfffffffc
 [   20.8700561] cpu0: End traceback...
 Stopped in pid 0.3 (system) at  netbsd:vpanic+0x148:    or       r3,  r29,  r29
 gem0: receive error: RX overflow sc->rxptr 0, complete 4

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