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Re: install/54582: sysinst cannot find disklabel on 9.0_BETA/x68k

At Sat, 28 Sep 2019 06:35:01 +0000 (UTC),
Martin Husemann wrote:
>  >   On which disk do you want to upgrade NetBSD?
>  >   ==> b: sd0 (2.0G)
>  Please show the output of:
>  	disklabel -r sd0
>  when running from the install media (either via Ctrl-Z or by going to
>  the Utilities/Run /bin/sh menu) and the same output from the booted
>  (old) system, plus the contents of /etc/fstab.

Boot from installation floppy.
 # disklabel -r sd0
 [  15.0214130] sd0: fabricating a geometry
 disklabel: could not read existing label

Boot from sd0 (old system).
 # uname -srm
 NetBSD 7.2 x68k
 # disklabel -r sd0
 disklabel: could not read existing label
 # cat /etc/fstab
 /dev/sd0a	/		ffs	rw	1 1
 /dev/sd0b	none		swap	sw,dp	0 0
 kernfs		/kern		kernfs	rw
 ptyfs		/dev/pts	ptyfs	rw
 procfs		/proc		procfs	rw

>  You are doing this update natively, on the x68k system?

(sorry if my translation and understanding is not correct)
I always use sysinst upgrade install on x68k.

Tetsuya Isaki < />

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