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Re: bin/54574: usr.bin/make/parse.c $Id: 1.231 drops core on NetBSD-5.2 in realpath(3)

Hi Brian

>  	hello Simon.  Unfortunately, your patch doesn't fix the problem.
>  After your patch, nbmake (make) core dumps when it calls vfprint() in the
>  same function.
>  Further testing shows that parse.c, versions up to 1.230 work fine, but versions
>  1.231 and 1.232 fail.  I tried looking at the failure after your patch, but
>  couldn't figure out why the call to vfprint failed since it looks like that
>  call exists before your patches went into the file.  I think it has
>  something to do with the cp variable, but I didn't have time to look
>  further into it.

It would be handy if you could provide stack trace from core file.

>  	If you want me to try a different patch, let me know.

Thanks, hopefully once I see the stack trace...

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