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Re: bin/54574: usr.bin/make/parse.c $Id: 1.231 drops core on NetBSD-5.2 in realpath(3)

	hello Simon.  Unfortunately, your patch doesn't fix the problem.
After your patch, nbmake (make) core dumps when it calls vfprint() in the
same function.
Further testing shows that parse.c, versions up to 1.230 work fine, but versions
1.231 and 1.232 fail.  I tried looking at the failure after your patch, but
couldn't figure out why the call to vfprint failed since it looks like that
call exists before your patches went into the file.  I think it has
something to do with the cp variable, but I didn't have time to look
further into it.
	If you want me to try a different patch, let me know.

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