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Re: kern/54560 (PXE netboot regression)

Andreas Gustafsson <> wrote:

>  With the patch, the system netboots successfully (my first try failed,
>  but that was probably caused by an unrelated issue).

I am not sure there are real multiboot + PXE usage. Perhaps we can just
disable multiboot 2 for PXE without looking further into what the
problem actually is.

In case you ar ecurious and want to look into it further, my first hunch
is that the multiboot 2 code increases the pxeboot_ia32.bin file beyond
64kB. You can easily test if this is the problem, remove CPPFLAGS+=
-DNO_MULTIBOOT2 and instead add


You will get a pxeboot_ia32.bin below 64 kB with multiboot 2 enabled. If
that boots, then we have our answer.

Emmanuel Dreyfus

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