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Re: lib/54449: _pic.a libraries contain unwanted debug information

> upon consideration, i'm happy to be less strict about
> MKDEBUG=yes builds, though i was reminded about my failed
> static debugging session a few months ago.  does external
> debug info even work for .a?

Nope, I don't think it does (unless we change binutils).

> i think that means i'm ok with your other patch.

But I am not, because this means that DBG=-g will also not put symbols
in libfoo_pic.a (my patch will strip it). So I am inclined to leave it as it is
for now.

> i've never used the _g.a libraries.  they alway seemed far
> annoying to build and use.
> i've simply had *all* my install have debug info.  i only
> really switched to MKDEBUG when i noticed that huge-from-
> debug-info shlibs have a bad interaction with exec pages,
> and having it separate works around.  (i'm now wishing, but
> hating myself for it, a build that gives me fat .a files
> with debug info, but skinny .so files with links to the
> debug info files. :)

Well, we should make MKDEBUG work properly. I don't
think we should be documenting DBG= (but also not breaking it).


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