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re: lib/54449: _pic.a libraries contain unwanted debug information

> Yes, you might have been using DBG="-O0 -g" for almost 20 years, but this
> variable is not documented anywhere outside the .mk files, and most people
> (I am guessing) don't know about it.

except in the original commit that created it, yes, before
that one had to have some CFLAGS setting in mk.conf.

i've heard of many folks using DBG here, particularly since
the commit that calls out that usage.

true, not explicitly documented, but often used,
particularly before MKDEBUG was added, and i claim

> > nothing is an accident when "DBG=-g" builds have debug info.
> But here we are not building with DBG=-g, but with with MKDEBUG=yes
> and libfoo_pic.a ends up with debugging info. Is that on purpose or an
> accident?

upon consideration, i'm happy to be less strict about
MKDEBUG=yes builds, though i was reminded about my failed
static debugging session a few months ago.  does external
debug info even work for .a?

i think that means i'm ok with your other patch.

> > i used to build my whole systems this way without using MKDEBUG
> > (since that's much much newer), initially because i had some 
> > lossage using separate debug info files, though as i mentioned
> > before, i'm considering switching back to get debug symbols back
> > in to my static libraries as well.  i may have to set execmax
> > to some very low value to avoid the other bug..
> > 
> > i claim that their lack of debug info is a bug in MKDEBUG.
> Why would we have both libfoo_g.a and libfoo.a with debugging
> symbols? What's the difference between them? As for the other
> bugs, are they still there?

i've never used the _g.a libraries.  they alway seemed far
annoying to build and use.

i've simply had *all* my install have debug info.  i only
really switched to MKDEBUG when i noticed that huge-from-
debug-info shlibs have a bad interaction with exec pages,
and having it separate works around.  (i'm now wishing, but
hating myself for it, a build that gives me fat .a files
with debug info, but skinny .so files with links to the
debug info files. :)


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