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Re: port-macppc/54432: powerpc mac mini detects only 512MB of 1GB memory

>> Interestingly, even though it only detects 512MB of memory, the SPD
>> data correctly shows the DIMM's capacity.
> Doesn't it initialize the available memory from OFW?

Yes, it does; I've been directed to look at
sys/arch/powerpc/powerpc/ofw_machdep.c.  I tried enabling some of
the debugging there, but it's probably too early in the kernel
startup for that to work -- there's no trace in the kernel
message buffer.

I've received some info from macallan@ off-line, and I've also
tried one of my other 1GB mac minis with 9.0_BETA, and there it
works fine.  Macallan@ also concluded that the ofctl dump I
provided indicates that OFW has only probed 512MB memory.  So
it's possibly a hardware issue, and I'll try to replace the DIMM.
I noted the existing DIMM is pc3200, while the other (working
one) is pc2700.


- Håvard

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