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Re: port-evbarm/54224: panic: lock error: Mutex: mutex_vector_enter,552: locking against myself

On 22/05/2019 22:10, wrote:

Mutex error: mutex_vector_enter,552: locking against myself

lock address : 0x000000009ce091ec
current cpu  :                  0
current lwp  : 0x00000000a60e6980
owner field  : 0x00000000a60e6980 wait/spin:                0/0

panic: lock error: Mutex: mutex_vector_enter,552: locking against myself: lock 0x9ce091ec cpu 0 lwp 0xa60e6980
cpu0: Begin traceback...
0x9673dbf4: netbsd:db_panic+0xc
0x9673dc0c: netbsd:vpanic+0x1a4
0x9673dc24: netbsd:snprintf
0x9673dc5c: netbsd:lockdebug_abort+0x70
0x9673dc74: netbsd:mutex_abort+0x30
0x9673dcd4: netbsd:mutex_enter+0x388
0x9673dd14: netbsd:pmap_fault_fixup+0x40
0x9673dd9c: netbsd:data_abort_handler+0x164 > 0x9673de14: netbsd:address_exception_entry+0x5c

uvm_fault_internal should never fault (address_exception_entry) itself -
this is why you trigger the KASSERT.  To debug this I'd turn on DDB and
UVMHIST in your kernel and when the panic triggers grab the output with
'show kernhist'

0x9673df44: netbsd:uvm_fault_internal+0x32c

Working out where this address in the code is will be useful to.  You
can do this with addr2line -e netbsd.gdb -f <address>, or gdb.


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