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re: kern/54150: COMPAT_50 vs NET_RT_IFLIST

>  This looks to be an alignment problem - the sockaddr's containing
>  the messages in the NEWADDR messages are aligned to a bigger boundary (8)
>  than they should be for the NetBSD 5 format (4).

this might be the original thing i posted about:

#if !defined(_KERNEL) || !defined(COMPAT_RTSOCK)
#define __align64       __aligned(sizeof(uint64_t))

struct if_msghdr {
        u_short ifm_msglen __align64;
        struct  if_data ifm_data __align64;

this means that compat code aaccessing the *real* one has the
wrong alignment applied to the these members.

i'm pretty sure all the "__align64" in sys/net/*.h are wrong.


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