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Re: lib/54053 (humanize_number(HN_AUTOSCALE) with big buffer doesn't work.)

    Date:        Wed, 13 Mar 2019 14:10:15 +0900
    From:        Masanobu SAITOH <>
    Message-ID:  <>

  | Yes. It's fixed!

Thanks for confirming.

  |   This bug is not serious and it's not required for me to pullup to -8.

OK, in that case I think I won't bother as ...

  | But, another person might get the same problem and might waste the time.
  | It would be good to pullup to avoid it and reduce diff between
  | -current and netbsd-[78].

First I think it better to reduce the diff between 8.0 and 8_STABLE
(and 8.1 when it happens) than between 8 and CURRENT (or 9).  The latter
is pretty much a waste of time (there's LOTS of diff).

Second, I think it's unlikely that anyone else will ever see this
problem (and I wonder at just what you were really doing - other than
the illustration demo included in the PR - when you experienced this
problem.)   HN_AUTOSCALE and a big buffer together do not really make
sense - HN_AUTOSCALE is intended to make the number fit in a limited
field width, if all possible - if the buffer is any larger than (about)
20 + the length of the suffix to be added, you might just as well simply
do snprintf() and be done with it, as that is all that humanize_number()
does in that case.

That will be why, that even though this bug had been there essentially
forever (decades...) no-one had previously noticed.

I wouldn't bother with a pullup to -7 in any case.  I doubt at this stage
that there will ever be a new point release for that, and this issue just
isn't important enough.   It would only get to those running 7_STABLE
(and upgrading that from time to time) which are a set of people who at
this stage are probably much better off running 8_STABLE instead.

But if you really want to request a pullup to -8 by all means go ahead.
(I can supply the needed source-changes message if you don't still have it).
The patch should apply easily enogh I'd think (and if there were any other
changes, simply including all of them - pulling -8 up to the same as HEAD
would not be unreasonable.)

For now, I will just close this though.


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