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Re: lib/54050: malloc_usable_size() is provided on recent NetBSD-current, however malloc.h has no prototype

On Mar 12, 12:45pm, (Martin Husemann) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: lib/54050: malloc_usable_size() is provided on recent NetBSD-

|  I strongly agree with Joerg here: it should not be part of libc.

I agree. I will move the extra symbols to -ljemalloc. We should not
be binding libc with a malloc implementation.
|  Most software abuses this interface (c.f. firefox about:memmory) and 
|  anything that really needs more than the C standard should use its own 
|  malloc library that provides whatever it needs without tying our libc
|  to that particular malloc implementation.
|  I have no problem with us proivding a* from the same
|  source we build the intree libc stuff and exposing the interface there,
|  but we may stop providing that shared lib in future releases.

Will do (expose the interface there).


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