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Re: PR/53998 CVS commit: src/sys/kern

On Feb 25,  2:05pm, (=?UTF-8?Q?BERTRAND_Jo=c3=abl?=) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: PR/53998 CVS commit: src/sys/kern

|  	Christos,
|  	I have applied bith patch (you will find in attachment patch against -8).
|  	This patch partially fixes this PR as my test program can create more
|  threads before first sem_init() failure. But I think there is another
|  race condition somewhere in semaphore subsystem.
|  	After sem_init() failure, there is no specific message in dmesg or logfile.
|  	I don't understand why atomic_dec_uint(&nsems_total) or
|  atomic_inc_uint(&nsems_total) are not protected by a lock.

Yes, the whole thing is racy... But atomics don't need to be protected
by locks... How does it fail now ENFILE?


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