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Re: port-amd64/54000: FP tests failing on amd64 since gcc7 import

The following reply was made to PR port-amd64/54000; it has been noted by GNATS.

Subject: Re: port-amd64/54000: FP tests failing on amd64 since gcc7 import
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 16:38:47 +0000

 Content-Type: text/plain; charset=us-ascii
 Content-Disposition: inline
 Attached is a standalone test case (non-netbsd-specific)
 Content-Type: application/x-sh
 Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=""
 Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable
 #!/bin/sh=0A=0Acat << EOF > round.c=0A#include <assert.h>=0A#include <fenv.=
 h>=0A#include <math.h>=0A#include <stdio.h>=0A#include <stdlib.h>=0A=0A#def=
 ine INT 9223L=0A=0A#define EPSILON 0.001=0A=0Astatic const struct {=0A	int =
 round_mode;=0A	double input;=0A	long int expected;=0A} values[] =3D {=0A	{ =
 FE_DOWNWARD,		-3.7,		-4},=0A};=0A=0A=0Adouble my_nearbyint(double x)=0A{=0A=
 	double ret;=0A	fenv_t env;=0A	fegetenv(&env);=0A	ret =3D rint(x);=0A	feset=
 env(&env);=0A	return ret;=0A}=0A=0Aint main(void)=0A{=0A	double received;=
 =0A=0A	fesetround(values[0].round_mode);=0A=0A	received =3D my_nearbyint(va=
 lues[0].input);=0A=0A	if (!(fabs(received - values[0].expected) < EPSILON))=
 =0A		printf("nearbyint rounding wrong, difference too large\n"=0A		    "inp=
 ut: %f (index %d): got %f, expected %ld\n",=0A		    values[0].input, 0, rec=
 eived, values[0].expected);=0A=0A	assert((fabs(received - values[0].expecte=
 d) < EPSILON));=0A=0A	/* Do we get the same rounding mode out? */=0A	if (!(=
 (fegetround() =3D=3D values[0].round_mode)))=0A		printf("Didn't get the sam=
 e rounding mode out!\n"=0A		    "(index %d) fed in %d rounding mode, got %d=
  out\n",=0A		    0, values[0].round_mode, fegetround());=0A=0A	assert((fege=
 tround() =3D=3D values[0].round_mode));=0A}=0AEOF=0A=0Agcc -lm round.c -O2 =
 -o round=0Aecho "Executing regular -O2 build:"=0A./round=0Aecho "returned "=
  $?=0A=0A=0Agcc -lm round.c -O2 -fno-builtin-rint -o round2=0Aecho "Executi=
 ng -O2 -fno-builtin-rint build:"=0A./round2=0A=0Aecho "returned " $?=0A

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