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Re: PR/53998 CVS commit: src/sys/kern

> 	Christos,
> 	Thanks a lot for this patch, but I'm not really sure it will fix this
> issue. Of course, with your patch, sem_init() will return ENOSPC instead
> of -1. but I'm not understand how a memory allocation error can occur in
> my code. I have verified that my test program doesn't contain memory
> leak and, when sem_init() fails, system has more than 10GB free.
> 	Of course, I create a semahore with sem_init() in each thread but I
> destroy this semaphore also with sem_destroy() (returns 0) before
> pthread_exit().

Yes, I understand, I am documenting that this also fails when the
max number of semaphors is exceeded. So perhaps we have a leak
somewhere. Can you share your test program?


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