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Re: kern/53788: vt switching panic

On Dec 15, 11:50am, (Michael van Elst) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: kern/53788: vt switching panic

|  The usl_syncdata structure is usually allocated by the program that
|  tries to own the display and freed when it returns ownership after
|  being sent a signal. Both operations are done by an ioctl in process
|  context.
|  But when the owner process has died and someone tries to switch
|  the display with ctrl-alt-fX, the free operation is done by the
|  keyboard interrupt handler.
|  Usually you don't see this as the X server catches most signals,
|  even segfaults, and tries to give back ownership before it exits.

So why don't we use a linked list of sync cookies to free or kmem_intr_alloc/
kmem_intr_free. This will always panic with DIAGNOSTIC when there is a timeout.


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