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re: kern/52569 (Entering ddb using USB keyboard panics with "locking against myself")

>  > Blocking on 53621.
>  Now I have found a work-around for 53621, but it needs userconf which
>  I can't use with a USB keyboard because 41780.  And if I plug in both
>  a PS/2 and a USB keyboard, I won't be able to enter ddb because 53599.

you can use userconf from /boot and boot.cfg.  that sounds
like the only way to handle this today.

41780 is likely never solveable.  boot -c needs to operate
before any devices are configured, and usb kbd without legacy
emulation absolutely needs devices configured and sort of
running, before it can really work properly.

ideally, multiple console devices would solve 53599, and there
is some work in -current to begin to support it.


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