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Re: kern/53616: dom0 crashes when dumping domU images with vnd+fss

Le 2018-09-19 07:59, Manuel Bouyer a écrit :
I don't think that will help. The problem is the fs is modified by the VM
while dom0 has it mounted.

At the best of my understanding, xen uses vnd to mount image files:
# vndconfig -l
vnd0: /srv/xen (/dev/mapper/vg0-lvxen) inode 3
vnd1: /srv/xen (/dev/mapper/vg0-lvxen) inode 4
vnd2: /srv/xen (/dev/mapper/vg0-lvxen) inode 5
vnd3: /srv/xen (/dev/mapper/vg0-lvxen) inode 5

I have launched my backup process. vnd3 is the image file manually attached. But vnd{0,1,2} seem to have been mounted by xen (if I understand correctly). The filesystem of my third VM is mounted twice by dom0. Do you think a could make a fss snapshtop over vnd2 (third VM image) without manually attach it to vnd3 ?

The closest way to mimic what you could do with lvm would be to snapshot the filesystem containing the disk images, and mount the snapshot to backup

Here, I could make a snapshot of /dev/mapper/vg0-lvxen. Thanks for the idea!

Do you think I have a chance to identify from where the problem exactly comes? Or it will be better to close this PR due to misuse of dom0?

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