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Re: install/53510: Can't install ISO on USB nor on DVD

"Drop to boot prompt" is choice 4 after

2/Install  no ACPI
3/ Install no ACPI, no SMP

Whatever I choose, I always get a black screen, no cursor or anything else

Op 11/08/2018 om 18:52 schreef Martin Husemann:
On Sat, Aug 11, 2018 at 06:48:55PM +0200, Wim Van Loock wrote:
I never see a boot prompt, the screen stays completely black.
You said you see the ACPI / no ACPI bootloader menu. It has an option
(5?) to drop to the boot prompt. Please use that and then try the
boot -c ... commands I suggested.

This should disable the drm/kms framebuffer for your video card
(just for debugging purposes) and should allow you to get to a login
prompt. If that works, we can try to get proper error messages from
the original failure and see how to fix that.



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