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re: port-i386/53364: System crashes soon after X server is started with viadrm driver

> trap type 6 code 0 eip 0xc08486e6 cs 0x8 eflags 0x13286 cr2 0xfffffffc ilevel 0 esp 0xdbde5c60

-> cr2 0xfffffffc

this is a pointer of -4 that faulted.  i wonder if something
is usingo container_of() on a NULL pointer, but i don't see
anything that would do this in viadrm code.

> mutex_oncpu.part.0(c37af114,0,ea000000,0,c0e2cda4,dbde5c68,0,0,dbde5c4c,c01386f6) at netbsd:mutex_oncpu.part.0+0x6
> mutex_vector_enter(c3641dc4,200000,c3632000,c3588400,dbde5c8c,c0716e3c,1,dee80000,200000,dbde5c9c) at netbsd:mutex_vector_enter+0x98
> via_dma_blit(c3588400,dbde5eac,c4430134,9000,0,1140010,db55c000,c2f379e4,1,4e) at netbsd:via_dma_blit+0x58
[ ... ]
> #7  0xc0848813 in mutex_vector_enter ()
> #8  0xc071a7be in via_dma_blit ()
> #9  0xc07141ff in drm_ioctl ()

can you build a kernel with makeoptions DEBUG="-g" and then inspect
the "blitq" variable in via_dma_blit()?



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