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Re: kern/53329: netboot over nfs broken


>  - I successfully booted after increasing timeouts in
>    sys/nfs/nfs_boot.c to
>      7.2... nfs_boot: trying DHCP/BOOTP
>     25.9... nfs_boot: timeout...
>     30.9... nfs_boot: timeout...
>     35.9... nfs_boot: timeout...
>     40.9... nfs_boot: timeout...
>    (old cisco catalyst switch)

Can you configure portfast on the switch?  I'm guessing that the switch does
not enable forwarding until spanning-tree negotiation has completed.  See:

for more details.

If this worked previously, but fails now, then I also guess that we drop the
link now and did not in the past.  (Each time the link comes up, the cisco will
renegotiate and not enable forwarding for 30s.)



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