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Re: port-amd64/53286: hdaudio(4), iwm(4) and rtsx(4) detections fail in UEFI case

This change (from Wed May 16 19:02:00 UTC 2018):

    Modified Files:
	src/sys/dev/pci: pci_map.c

    Log Message:
    Enable the appropriate memory or I/O space decode in the PCI
    Command/Status Register upon mapping a BAR.

    This should fix PR #53286.  It's also possible there are other similar
    PRs that might be fixed by this.

enables my laptop to boot (to multi-user mode) using UEFI boot rather than
legacy (BIOS) booting.

I didn't manage to get X working, but that might just be a matter of playing
about with the xorg.conf file (which was also necessary to make X work on
this laptop with BIOS booting).

I have a dmesg (from a boot -z) if anyone wants to see it.


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