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Re: bin/48138 (sh(1) wait(1) builtin fails after bg job was SIG(STOP|TSTP|CONT) controlled)

Synopsis: sh(1) wait(1) builtin fails after bg job was SIG(STOP|TSTP|CONT) controlled

State-Changed-From-To: open->feedback
State-Changed-When: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 07:18:23 +0000
I believe this is fixed in NetBSD-current (any version after
late last October):

[jinx]$ /bin/sleep 30 &
[jinx]$ jobs
[1] + Running                 /bin/sleep 30 &
[jinx]$ kill -STOP %1
[1] + Suspended (signal)      /bin/sleep 30 &
[jinx]$ wait %1
[jinx]$ echo $?
[jinx]$ kill -CONT %1
[1] + Running                 /bin/sleep 30 &
[jinx]$ jobs
[1] + Running                 /bin/sleep 30 &
[jinx]$ wait %1
[jinx]$ jobs
[1] + Running                 /bin/sleep 30 &
[1]   Done                    /bin/sleep 30 &
[jinx]$ echo $NETBSD_SHELL

That last echo is really just to show that it is the
NetBSD /bin/sh that is being used there, the version
number hasn't changed since it was added, not all
versions that show that have the fix (but any that
do not have NETBSD_SHELL at all certainly do not).

The fix for this has also been pulled up to NetBSD-8
(in general none of the recent sh changes are being
pulled up to -7 or -6 so this is not there.)

Sorry that I did not have this PR in mind when this was
being worked on, or it would have been mentioned in the
commit messages.   The fix was a "side effect" (though
deliberate) of the fixes for bin/52640 and bin/52641.

If you are able to test, please advise if it seems correct now.

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