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Re: port-i386/40335 (compat_linux UDP? regression in netbsd-5)

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Sujet : Re: port-i386/40335 (compat_linux UDP? regression in netbsd-5)
Date : Mon, 9 Apr 2018 22:44:43 +0200
De : Maxime Villard <>
Pour :,, <redacted>

don't close unfixed PRs just because they're old.

Pure idiocy.

The guy had ten years to submit a ktrace, he didn't submit one. This PR was
for NetBSD-5_BETA, there is no information apart from "it doesn't work", the
UDP and compat_linux code has changed a lot since, and there was no answer
from OP.

Sounds like you didn't even read my message:

"Close this PR. It's not possible to investigate it: NetBSD-5 has reached
 EOL and there is no ktrace. If the problem still occurs, please re-submit
 a new PR with more details."

I closed this PR in an attempt to reduce the networking-related garbage in
gnats, in such a way that REAL bugs that can be INVESTIGATED FOR REAL are
less difficult to find. As well, I closed dozens of meaningless PRs like
this one, because they make absolutely no sense at all.

If the guy decides to wake up someday because he still has the problem, he can
easily re-submit a new PR - which will be taken care of, as opposed to this

But, heh, go ahead, try to find the "bug" here, and let's all waste another
ten years with this garbage in gnats.

In essence, this attitude sums up pretty well all what is wrong with gnats.
Keeping idiotic garbage, and ignoring real problems.

I'm out,

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